Elysia ornata

Elysia ornata (Swainson, 1840)

Common Names

Ornate elysia (English)

Languages: English



The animal is usually a translucent green color with a black parapodial margin and a submarginal yellow or orange band.  There are black tips on the rhinophores. There are also numerous black and white dots all over the body. It reaches 37 mm in length (Vald├ęs et al., Caribbean Sea Slugs, 2006).

Author(s): Vendetti, Jann
Rights holder(s): Vendetti, Jann

Ecology and Distribution


Found feeding on Bryopsis plumosa (Jensen, 1981).

Author(s): Vendetti, Jann
Rights holder(s): Vendetti, Jann


Larval development is planktotrophic.

Author(s): Krug, Patrick
Rights holder(s): Krug, Patrick


The type locality is the West Indies, and range is the Caribbean. All Indo-Pacific species currently termed "ornata" are a complex of cryptic species in the Elysia marginata complex (Krug et al., in press).  See "cf. marginata" pages for provisional descriptions, photographic vouchers and links to DNA barcodes of species in the ornata-marginata complex.

Author(s): Vendetti, Jann; Krug, Patrick
Rights holder(s): Vendetti, Jann; Krug, Patrick